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The challenge with STH intake has to do with the dosage amount. To date, there has been no clinical research regarding the usage of STH for the specific purpose of enhancing fitness. There is some empirical data that can be used for general guidelines suggesting a dosage of 0.3 IU/per week for each pound of body weight
epilepsy medicines, e.g. carbamazepine, ethosuximide or tiagabine
Bodybuilding, Athletic Performance, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging alone are not reasons to get prescribed HGH. You should only take Genotropin if a doctor prescribes it for medical need. You should only obtain legal HGH from a licensed physician to avoid dosing problems, quality issues or side effects of improper use. When you order Genotropin from an Advance Therapy Endocrine Physician or Age Management Doctor, you can be sure you are getting a specialist with years of HRT experience who prescribes it for you. Pfizer’s Genotropin HGH products are prescribed to replace growth hormone in adults because of either a GH deficiency due to pituitary disease, hypothalamic disease, surgery, radiation therapy, or trauma.
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The best way to determine whether Humatrope is the brand you should take is fairly simple. If you can afford it take Eli Lilly Humatrope if you cannot afford it then take a lesser brand the other brands we sell work almost equally as well.
HGH injections give your body an energy boost, increasing your stamina. This also entails that you will be able to have a healthier sex life because HRT boosts your libido (sex drive.)
Important Note: IGF-1 can be an antagonist to the effects of HGH. This can make the use of exogenous IGF-1 damaging to the individual who supplements with exogenous GH in some cases.