Buy Nolvadex Hubei (tamoxifen citrate)


Manufacturer: HUBEI
Category: Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
Substance: tamoxifen citrate
Package: 20 mg/tab. (30 tab.)

Product Description

The drug Nolvadex Hubei refers to the pharmacological group of antitumor hormones and hormone antagonists. Nolvadex has antiestrogenic and antitumor pharmacological effects and is used in breast cancer that occurs in women during the menopause. In addition, Nolvadex is used to treat endometrial and renal cancer, as well as anovulatory infertility.

The composition of the drug Nolvadex Hubei includes the active substance – tamoxifen. Essentially, this substance is an antagonist of estrogen, lingering at the receptors of this hormone. The essence of the anti-estrogenic effect of the drug is that when the tamoxifen molecule is in communication with the estrogen receptor, the hormone is blocked. Due to the fact that many of the forms of breast cancer are very sensitive to estrogen, the blocking effect of tamoxifen is successfully used in the treatment of this disease. Nolvadex Hubei is very effective in the prevention of breast cancer in women with a genetic predisposition to this disease.

In men, in the body of which a large amount of estrogen accumulates, such an unpleasant phenomenon as gynecomastia may arise or the female breast tissue may develop. In addition, a large amount of estrogen in the body leads to the fact that the fluid detains longer in the body, resulting in the muscles lose their relief. Also, a high level of estrogen in the blood can lead to the accumulation of adipose tissue. The drug Nolvadex Hubei, which has a pronounced antiestrogenic effect, will help in combating these unpleasant consequences of increasing the level of estrogen in the blood. Both men and women with normal estrogen hormone intake of Nolvadex helps to make muscles more firm and embossed.

No doubt, Nolvadex Hubei is a highly effective drug, the most popular of the antiestrogens that athletes use. And if men can safely apply this drug, then women should be more cautious, since their body is much more sensitive to the fluctuations of estrogen.