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Category: Injectable steroids
Substance: methenolone enanthate
Package: 200 mg/ml. (10 ml)

Product Description

12. Primobolan: Methenolone-Acetate Primary Mode of Action – Tissue Preservation & Regeneration Secondary Traits – Increasing Strength & Hardness Bulking Score – Men 1, Women 2 Cutting Score – Men 2, Women 4
Side Effects of Primobolan Depot:
Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate) by Bayer Schering

Metholone is a steroid derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), this means it contains some of the same properties as DHT, such as not aromatizing, this means it does not convert to estrogen which is why many athletes choose to use it as the gains would then be lean muscle mass and no water retention which is a common side effect from steroids which do convert to estrogen. Being a Steroid which does not convert to Estrogen, Primobolan is one of the more popular choices for users looking to cut fat and want to achieve a “dry look”.
Since primobolan increases nitrogen retention, it’s been touted as anti-catabolic, and somewhat anabolic (which can be disputed). In simple terms, it helps you keep your muscle mass while you’re dieting. That’s one of the biggest reasons it’s used on cutting cycles. Anecdotally, evidence shows that by using primobolan during low-calorie diets (even 20-30% below your BMR), you can keep your current lean muscle while gaining new muscle tissue. While this seems to be against basic understanding of nutrition, we’ll chuck this one to the magic of steroids. I can safely say, multiple clients of mine have used primobolan for pre-contest or pre-modeling cycles and have literally gained lean mass while losing bodyfat. I’m not saying they became mass monsters, but an average 1 pound of muscle mass per week while dropping bodyfat isn’t too bad.
Primobolan is a registered trademark of Schering A/G avaiable in 50 mg/cc from Mexico and 100 mg/cc from Europe. It is is the “Cleanest and Gentles” anabolic steroid, will not aromatize, non-toxic, low in androgens.