Buy Clomid Anfarm (12 tab.) (clomiphene citrate)


Category: Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
Substance: clomiphene citrate
Package: 12 tab.

Product Description

Receiving even the most “light” steroid unconditionally leads to a decrease in the production of its own testosterone, since its synthetic analog comes from the outside. Accordingly, immediately after the course the athlete is in a certain hormonal “pit”, when the development of their own hormones has not yet recovered, and the exogenous make-up has already ended. It is urgent to restore the work of the arc “hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles”, which is responsible for the development of its own testosterone.

And why does the production of its own testosterone depend? From LG and FSG. And it is the level of these hormones most directly influenced by the drug Clomid from Balkan Pharma.

Effects of admission

  • Increased levels of LH and FSH, as a consequence – testosterone.
  • Selective blocking of estrogen receptors.
  • Increased libido, stimulation of spermatogenesis.

How to take Clomed

Start taking Clomed immediately after the release of all exogenous hormones from the body. To do this, you need to take into account the half-lives of all drugs or use a steroid calculator (found in the search). Immediately after the body becomes “clean”, you should start taking the drug. Dosage will depend on the degree of “severity of the course.”

The general course of Clomid is as follows: 100 mg / day in the first week, 50 mg / day for the next 3 weeks, 25 mg / day for 2 weeks. In case the course was really easy, at minimum dosages, you can cut the PCT by half. In any case, be guided by the tests, not on the well-being – after carrying out post-course therapy with Clomid from Balkan Pharma, the testosterone level should return to the level that you had before the start of the course of steroids.