Dawn Phenomenon Diabetes – High glucose levels in the blood in the early morning

Home Phenomenon Diabetes – High Blood Glucose in the early afternoon

Starting phenomenon may be a phenomenon which, in turn, causes a momentary drop or increase in blood sugar levels in the body during the morning hours. Home phenomena diabetes is a very common experience not seen in people with diabetes, therefore, the blood insulin in fighting off the hormones caused at night. Let’s delve into the causes of this phenomenon is the beginning or the effect of the liver dump. Scientists have discovered that the cause of the fall and rise of blood glucose levels during the morning hours mainly due to the ejection of blood hormone insulin fighting off of the liver.

img_5172[1]Did you know that all the hormones in the body responsible for leading up to the beginning of the phenomenon? Cortisol is created from adrenal, glucagons launched from alpha cells in the anterior pituitary, the adrenaline started from the surface of the adrenal glands and the hormones of the body growth are some good examples of blood insulin fighting off the hormones in the body, leading to the beginning of the phenomenon, or high blood sugar in the early morning. Reset these hormones in the body during hours of sleep initiates discharge of energy stored by increasing the number of blood glucose levels.

Cuts in blood pressure may also be mentioned as a cause of the start of the phenomenon. As a consequence, low blood pressure, the body produces stress hormones in the body leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. Home phenomena sometimes cause severe effects on patients with type 1 diabetes than type-2 diabetics. Increase in blood glucose level of the body generally occurs in a time period between 4 am and eight in the morning.

As we know prevention is better than cure, let us wait and see what each of these precautionary measures taken to reduce the possibility of beginning the phenomenon of diabetes. On the basis of investigations carried out on diabetic patients, the main cause of increase in the morning blood glucose due to inadequate way to get a dose of insulin in the blood. Hormones in the body that is caused during sleep, making the morning blood glucose level more and more difficult to manage. By controlling the growth hormones with greater evening insulin dose blood is really a measure to remedy the situation in this case and remove tophi.

Now consider what you eat. Diet plays an important role in monitoring the morning blood sugar. Reduced carbohydrate intake is one of the most simple way by which we can prevent the onset of diabetes phenomenon. Make sure to do the exercises regularly and use a diet with a low concentration of carbohydrates, especially at night. Attempt to include a diet with a high content of protein than regular diet with a high content of carbohydrates in the evening meal.

Now we have the steps to reduce the initial effects of diabetes. Using blood insulin pumps are well suited for continuous monitoring and adjustment of the body, the blood sugar level. Attempting appropriate treatment depending on the state of diabetes is another method by which we can correct the high blood sugar levels in the early morning. Never hesitate to contact your doctor if fasting blood glucose levels are out of control, even if you take regular medication.

Diabetics with this particular phenomenon can try high doses of insulin in the blood early in the day, together with a more compact dosage later. This can help in reducing the blood sugar level is carried out in the early morning hours. Walking is a great exercise recommended by many doctors to control the onset of diabetes. Exercising and proper diabetic diet works well to reduce the likelihood of onset of diabetes.

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