liothyronine (T3), levothyroxine (T4)

The hormone T3 has another chemical name – triiodothyronine. He was named so because the molecule of the hormone contains 3 atoms of iodine. This substance is produced by special cells of the thyroid gland, in the world simply “thyroid gland.” In addition, the hormone iron produces T4 (tetraiodothyronine) and calcitonin, which is not associated with thyroid functions.

If we compare T3 and T4, then triiodothyronine is the most active of them. It is T3 responsible for most of the biological effects of the thyroid gland than thyroxin. Only a small part of the hormone is released from the thyroid gland, the rest is converted from T4 in peripheral tissues, by cleaving one iodine atom with a special enzyme.

Therefore, if this process in the human body is disturbed, hypothyroidism may develop even despite a good concentration of T4 in the blood.

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